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Dr Edward Ball Biography - The Maitland Clinic



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Dr Edward Ball, The Maitland Clinic
What I love about hair restoration is not just the surgery but the opportunity to make a real difference to someone`s life. To make someone happy.
Edward Ball

Dr Edward Maitland Ball, 39, lives in a village near Chichester Harbour with his GP wife Kate and their two children aged nine and seven.

  • BMBS/Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
  • Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Diplomate of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery


Career history

Having grown up in Buckinghamshire, Edward attended secondary school in Chester where he was a head boy before heading to Nottingham University to study medicine. After graduating, he undertook surgical training at St George`s Hospital, London.

Initially interested in pursuing a career in plastic surgery helping accident and burn victims, Edward spent 18 months working in the NHS at St George`s Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department and the Plastics and Burns Unit in Salisbury Hospital, Wiltshire. He then spent a year traveling in Australia, where he gained another six months of plastic surgery experience. On returning to the UK, Edward worked as a GP partner in a Winchester NHS surgery for three and a half years, whilst continuing his work in dermatology and skin surgery at Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust.
Having developed a passion for the aesthetic side of medicine, he decided to expand his interest in facial skin lesion surgery, skin cancer surgery and non-surgical cosmetic medicine. During this time he discovered that his particular skills and experience steered him perfectly towards the rapidly growing and developing hair transplant sector.
He quickly realised the UK market was a long way behind the US in terms of the range of hair transplant services offered, the techniques and advice. The UK market lacked the advanced procedures, experienced practitioners and levels of aftercare and patient support seen in the US.

Edward was handpicked to work towards a Fellowship in Hair Restoration Surgery in Beverly Hills, California, under the mentorship of Dr Craig Ziering, one of Hollywood`s pre-eminent A-list hair restoration surgeons.

During 2011 he flew between Beverly Hills and London working with Dr Ziering and became the clinical director of the UK branch of Ziering in 2012.
Edward himself became one of the first patients to undergo a follicular unit extraction hair restoration procedure using the revolutionary ARTAS ® Robotic System, now used at his clinic, giving him valuable insight into hair loss and the journey of a hair transplant patient.

Introducing The Maitland Clinic

In 2015 Edward decided to launch his own specialist hair restoration business based in the UK, using his experience in surgery, dermatology, cosmetic medicine and hair restoration to offer a world class service.

The Maitland Clinic puts each patient at the heart of their own tailored treatment. Lifestyle, health and genetic background are all carefully considered when developing each bespoke package.

Edward and his team offer a holistic approach focused on the science, artistry and care involved in successful hair restoration.

Science: Edward`s extensive hair restoration and general medical training give him outstanding knowledge and understanding of market leading techniques. This paired with his medical background and investment in the best equipment available puts The Maitland Clinic at the forefront of this growing sector.

Artistry: Edward takes great pride in achieving natural looking hair by paying careful attention to his patients physical appearance and placing grafts in a way that creates a totally natural hairline. He has been described by patients, who witness his perfectionism first-hand, as an artist.

Care: All staff at The Maitland Clinic understand the importance of first-class care and advice before, during and after surgery. Patients will receive top levels of service and support every step of the way.

Based on the Hampshire coast, and also at his clinic on Harley Street, London, The Maitland Clinic team that Edward has put together are all experts in their field. They have all been carefully selected and trained by Edward and share his obsession with quality and patient experience.

The Maitland Clinic invariably performs just the one procedure per day, meaning that patients benefit from being the sole focus of Edward`s attention. This allows the team to take as long as they need, unlike many clinics where 2 or 3 patients are fitted into the day. Edward looks after each of his patients personally and makes himself available for them to contact directly at any time before and after their procedures.

Key elements of The Maitland Clinic experience:

- The best possible results: Led by Edward, the team have the best ethos, technical skills and equipment to achieve outstanding results

- Patient focused care: The patients health and wellbeing are at the centre of everything The Maitland Clinic does

- Highly specialist staff: All staff are specially trained to deliver The Maitland Clinics holistic approach to hair restoration

- First class experience: Patients should enjoy their visit to the clinic and find the whole hair restoration process a relaxing and rewarding experience, almost like visiting a spa, not a hospital.

Having himself undergone hair restoration surgery, Edward understands the treatment goes far beyond simply correcting baldness. It can transform lives by giving people renewed confidence at work and at home. It can be the trigger for healthy lifestyle changes and a new lease of life. It can empower people.


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