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Dr Edward Ball- The Maitland Clinic 1502 Grafts FUE Hairline Restoration

David Anderson

David Anderson

Valued member
This patient who was originally concerned about his receding temples visited The Maitland Clinic for a 10-month review with Dr Edward Ball. He was delighted with the outcome of his 1502 graft FUE hairline restoration at only 10 months post op.
He was finding it difficult to style his hair and was tending to keep it short as there were fewer options for him as the recession crept back. Dr Ball selected FUE as the patient likes the option of keeping his hair short sides and back.
These photos show the result at 10 months post op. As hair restoration requires lots of patience on the part of the patient many forget exactly what their hair was like pre op. Once he had seen the photos side by side he had this to say 'Can't believe those picture it's actually unbelievable'

Dr Ball assisted by Janna used a modest 1502 grafts by the FUE method which broke down into 395 single hairs, 822 double hairs and 285 3-4 hair grafts.

Dr Ball in surgery extracting the FUE grafts

Immediately after surgery



Valued member
Great result. Has made a big difference and a modest number of grafts were used. Hope to see more results from Mr Ball.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Absolutely love this....super clean work and the result is as natural as you can get.....and got to say the documention is superb. ¬b`
Thanks for posting