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Dr. Erdogan Koray ASMED CLINIC: 8000 grafts overharvested donor



Hello everyone,

I would like to explain my transplant with the Asmed clinic and some details on the operation:

I got operated with Dr. Koray in 2013 and 4000 grafts were extracted. My operation was satisfactory then, apart from the design of the hairline not very natural to me, but otherwise there was a good regrowth.
In August 2019 I decided to go back to Koray for a little touch-up in the crown, which in my opinion was still empty. After sending some pictures to the clinic, we decided by email for 2000 max 2500 grafts.
When the doctor saw me in person he immediately decided that he wanted to put 4000 grafts and not 2000 as we had established. I honestly remained a little puzzled by this choice, it seemed to me too much for my donor. At last during the vist we found an agreement of 3000 grafts. Immediately after the visit was over with the Doctor, Alessio the italian consultant privately told me that Koray wanted to propose me a discount if i agreed to extract 4000 grafts. But still i wasn’t sure about it because anyway i would had to pay more then what was established and i repeat i was worried about a heavy post-surgery and for my donor. The doctor came to me after this new proposal and told me to not worry that it would have been perfect!

At last with the discount offered to me and the insistent reassurances of the doctor that my donor could handle another 4000 grafts without any problem, were very convincing, they also told me that in short time I would be all right. In my head there could be no margins of errors if the Doctor was so convinced to insist on this amount!
So I decided to trust the doctor and go for 4000 grafts without imagining what would have happaned after this.

After 7 months my donor result overharvested, with evident holes. The doctor hasn’t been able to calculate well the capacity of my donor. His theory about Coverage Value which he spread all around the world like a revolutionary theory, didn’t work, plus assistant did a very bad job because they didn’t maintain the homogeneity of the donor, leaving parts with more hair and others with less. I will show some pictures so you can understand better what had happened.



Staff member
Without getting into the full details of the case it´s not possible to discuss it specifically without hearing what the clinic has to say.
FUE is a technique that has been the most demanded for years now and even today is marketed wrongly as non scarring by some clinics around the world (not Asmed). Years back FUE was only recommended for smaller sessions but overtime the technique improved and the sessions increased in size. Today there is still a debate between Dr's on what is a big session. There´s a misconception by some that I speak to that FUE doesn´t really change the donor area much. That it´s a small punch, the hair is removed and that´s it. FUE is a surgical procedure, hair is removed and leaves a scar. Each hair removed reduces the hair density. The more that´s taken at some point it will become obvious. That coupled with the quality of the extraction and how far spread the extraction is done. The amount that can be removed is always up for debate. It needs to be measured against the starting hair density for one thing, hair loss age and potential for future hair loss. Different hair characteristics will be kinder when treating advanced hair loss. Blonde hair and light skin complexion, for example, will be better than light complexion and dark hair. Along with a spread pattern of hair removal so no one area is over harvested and the loss of hair is evenly spread around the back and sides.
Your donor density does look as though it has improved from the pictures you`ve posted in the early months after surgery, it is harder to truly judge though because your hair is longer. If you keep your hair at this length I don`t believe anyone would notice anything.


You are only 6 months post HT. When I had my first FUE it took around 12 months for it to fully return to normal. I had a patch behind my ear, but within time it got better. As @Bigmac mentioned, your donor is looking better. Just try and be patient, and perhaps contact your clinic if you are still not happy.


im 8 month from surgery, and believe me im exactly as i was in the first months. Is overharvesting unfortunately, there's no way it can recover!