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Dr. Ertugrul SEYMAN - Hair Transplant Result

Dr Ertugrul SEYMAN

Dr Ertugrul SEYMAN

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These is pictures one of our patients. The pictures are "before & after" surgery, result of a hair transplantation surgery. FUE hair transplantation surgery was performed by Dr SEYMAN Clinic.

1 year later, our patient sends photos with magnificent hair growing.

With advanced FUE technique, hair transplant procedure was performed using 4050 grafts. Requested result was achieved with 1 session.

Extraction performed with a 0.7mm punch.

Incisions are executed by Dr. Ertugrul SEYMAN with lateral slit technique.

Grafts Implanted in 1 session: 4050 grafts

In the shared photos you will clearly see:

- Pre-op photos

- Photos after planning

- 10 days post-op photos

- 6 months post-op photos

- Photos 1 year result of surgery

This patient doesn’t take any hair loss medications.

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I will be glad when i get my hair sorted, seeing all the before and after pictures on here give me hope but it's also very depressing as i want mine doing yesterday haha.

Good work :)
Irish Eyes

Irish Eyes

You see this is where a Dr shows his skill or lack of. This client needs to have his temple points enhanced, or else the work on the top looks like a toupee. More so called specialists need to incorporate that aspect into their work. The clinic Eugenix in India is the only one I see that performs it consistently that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Temple points do make a huge difference to the overall appearance of a transplant I agree.....i don't think all transplants without them look like Toupees mind (some do so I get what you mean) but I get your point as nice temples certainly look better on many people and can ultimately finish of a transplant well....I agree Eugenix are doing good work in that area too though dude.