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Dr. Ertugrul SEYMAN Hair Transplantation Clinic

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Dr Ertugrul SEYMAN

Dr Ertugrul SEYMAN

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These pictures are "before & after" surgery, 12 month result of a hair transplantation surgery. FUE Hair transplantation surgery was performed by Dr Seyman Clinic.

With advanced FUE technique, hair transplant procedure was performed using 2700 grafts. The requested result was achieved with 1 session.

Extraction performed with a 0.7mm punch.

Incisions are performed by dr Ertugrul Seyman with lateral slit technique.
Dr. Ertugrul SEYMAN is specialized in Choi Implanter Pen technique as well so that once we collected results from our patient; pictures will be shared with you immediately.

Grafts Implanted in 1 session: 2700 grafts

Patient age: 42

The patient returned to our clinic at 10th days for aftercare control, operation area recovered completely so the patient doesn`t see any scar or scraps on his beard and head. 3 months later, our patient sent these photos with amazing natural beard growing.

In the shared photos you will clearly see:
- pre-op photos
- photos of 3 months after hair transplantation surgery
-Photos of 12 months
-For Free consultation : Dr Ertugrul SEYMAN
Contact : [email protected]


After One Year.



4 awesome repairs with SMG
End result is night and day...great outcome thanks for sharing.