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Dr Ertugrul SEYMAN Hair Transplantation Clinic

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Dr Ertugrul SEYMAN

Dr Ertugrul SEYMAN

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Dr Seyman linic €“ Hair Transplantation Result Photos

These are pictures one of our patients. The pictures are "before & after" surgery, result of a hair transplantation surgery. FUEhair transplantation surgery was perfmormed by Dr Seyman Clinic.
1 year later, our patient send photos with magnificent hair growing.
With advanced FUE technique, hair transplant procedure was performed using 3510 grafts. Requested result was achieved with 1 session.
Extraction performed with a 0.7mm punch.
Incisions are executed by dr Ertugrul Seyman with lateral slit technique.
Grafts Implanted in 1 session: 3510 grafts
In the shared photos you will clearly see:
- pre-op photos
- photos after planning
- 10 days post-op photos
- photos 1 year result of surgery
This patient doesn €™t take any hair loss medications.
For free consultation and more information
: http://www.drseymanclinic.com





4 awesome repairs with SMG
Grown out this looks very nice. Initially I thought the widows peak shape was a little too harsh for my taste but when grown out it looks great.
Nice work