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Dr. Hasson /2,000 Grafts / FUE /Repair/1 year post-op

H and W Doug

H and W Doug

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Vancouver area patient in his early 30’s. Without the proper initial research, he fell victim like many others who might have felt that there may not be a big difference from one clinic to another. Likely influenced more by cost than quality, he chose a clinic in Istanbul for his first hair transplant. As can be the case with many locations, there can be a number of choices, not all created equal. As this site has stated for many years: “Be Careful!” It did not turn out as he had expected and he wanted to correct the previous work and achieve his original goal of a nice hairline with good density.
Upon evaluation of the work done in Istanbul, Dr. Hasson noted the hairline and tissue exhibited ridging, cobblestoning, misdirected hair, multi-hair grafts, low density, etc. All of these conditions are unnatural and can draw the wrong type of attention. Today’s modern hair restoration should never present any of these conditions. Excision of some grafts inappropriately placed that blunted the temporal angles would also be required to achieve the most natural result.
Shortly after his initial consultation, he came back to the clinic to have the offending 95 misdirected grafts in the temporal angles removed ( see photos with marker highlighting areas to remove). When the temporal angles have been improperly blunted especially with hairs pointing in the wrong direction, removal is often necessary if the most natural looking hairline is to be created. In some cases, we can work around poorly executed previous work but to what degree and with what sacrifices if any is determined case by case. Dr. Hasson and team then later rebuilt a new hairline blending into the frontal zone with 2,000 grafts via FUE. 343 grafts were single hair, 1329 were double hair grafts and 328 were 3-4 hair grafts. These photos were taken 1-year post-op.




How do they actually remove grafts? The new hairline Dr Hasson and team has created is so much nicer.