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Dr. Hasson /2,508 Grafts/ FUE / 1 Session/ 13 months post-op

H and W Doug

H and W Doug

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This patient in his mid-20’s came up from Seattle looking to restore his receding hairline and thinning frontal zone. He started noticing his hairline was getting weak at a relatively young age (18-19). His hair loss progressed fairly quickly and he felt it was time to address it. He had good donor hair with texture on the coarse side. While a candidate for either method, FUE was the decided choice.

Dr. Hasson and his team successfully harvested 2508 grafts during a one day FUE procedure to rebuild his hairline and address the necessary areas of the frontal zone. 301 of these grafts were singles, 1522 were doubles and 685 were 3-4-hair grafts. These photos were taken approximately 13 months post-op.



Brilliant! Do you know if he takes any hair loss medications?