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Dr. Hasson /4,303 Grafts/ FUE/ 1 Session/ 9 months post-op

H and W Doug

H and W Doug

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This Vancouver area patient in his mid-40’s came to Hasson and Wong looking to address his thinning and receded front, sides and top. He had average donor hair with texture on the fine side. Dr. Hasson and his team transplanted 4303 grafts during a two-day FUE procedure to rebuild a new hairline, frontal zone and temples/temple points while also increasing the density in the mid-scalp. 400 were single-hair grafts and 3903 were doubles. These photos were taken at the clinic approximately 9 months post-op.



This is such a good result which has taken years off his appearance. Did he have above average donor to get such a large amount of graphs and still leave the donor looking this good in one session?