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Dr. Hasson 7902 Grafts/ FUT/ 1 Session/1 year post-op



Dr. Hasson 7902 Grafts/ FUT/ 1 Session/1 year post-opDr. Hasson/FUT 7902 grafts/one session

This patient from Italy in his early 30 €™s wanted to lower his hairline in addition to restoring his crown. Fortunately, his donor hair was exceptional allowing Dr. Hasson to harvest 7901 graft via FUT and accomplish this goal in one session.

2355 grafts were singles.
5071 were double hair grafts
476 were 3-4 hair grafts

The texture of his hair was coarse. Due to his extremely high donor density, the strip was only 1.5 to 2.0 cm in width and around 34 cm in length. He took these photos and his result was shared on the Italian forum Bellicapelli. The photos aren't perfect but I think you get the idea.

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His hair looks amazing totally natural looking congratulations to the patient and all the H&W Team ¬b`


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Holy moly that's amazing. Is this all from transplanted hair?


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How old is this patient? I always enjoy seeing these "perfect storm" results. He has a small area of loss, with about 134 FU per cm2 in his donor zone (based on your #'s) and assuming he had average laxity he's probably got another 10,000 grafts remaining, if not more, as long as the hair counts remain similar in subsequent procedures.

Of course, with so many single hair and double hair grafts stuffed into such a small area anything less than this would disappointing.

Did he include donor scar photos?

Congratulations to the patient.
H and W Doug

H and W Doug

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Thanks for the comments guys. I agree it is impressive. It is hard to say how much if any influence the medication may have had, I suspect it may have improved the existing hair to some degree but the heavy lifting was no doubt as a result of the transplant. This patient is in his early 30's and we hope to see him in Italy next month. We'll see if we can get some donor scar pics.