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Dr. Hasson Patient/Burn Victim/2142 Grafts/One Session/11 Months



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As a one year old child, this patient was the victim of a kitchen accident in which boiling oil was spilled on his scalp.
The accident left him with a large area of scalp with no hair growth and thick scar tissue.

The scar was thickest in the middle of the scalp where blood supply was of greater concern. In this region Dr. Hasson had to be a little more careful with the density he was able to plant.

Closer to the sides and more towards and into the temples, the scar was not as thick, therefore Dr. Hasson was able to transplant at a slightly higher density.
This is evident in the photos shown with the area shaved.
As you can see, when done properly a transplant into scar tissue can be very successful.

2142 fu's were used in this surgery.
Due to the compromised blood supply of scar tissue, an ultra dense pack is not attempted and a second surgery is usually part of the plan.
This patient came back for his second and final surgery to repair the damage done by the accident.

What we have found in scar tissue cases is that after transplanting into the damaged tissue, the blood supply returns to the area.
After examining the transplanted area, Dr. Hasson determined that he could place more grafts in the same area than he did in the first surgery due to increased blood supply.

This patient received 3104 fu's on his second surgery 11 months after his first.
The final three images in this presentation show the patient one day post-op from his second procedure.

His dream of being able to wear his hair combed back or short after 30 years will soon be a reality.