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Dr. Jean Devroye, HTS Clinic / 2011 + 1232 + 2889 FUE / Beard & hair restoration

Dr Devroye

Dr Devroye

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31 years old (in 2016, at the time of his first procedure),with a hair loss history in his family (father and brothers).

✓ Taking Finasteride and Minoxidil.


This 31-year-old patient wished to restore his beard - which presented a lack of density on the cheeks area - and his hairline, showing a slight recession on the temple corners.

In February 2016, we performed a first FUE procedure (2011 scalp and beard grafts) in order to restore his temple corners and add density to the lower part of the cheeks.

Following the excellent results, the patient decided to further enhance his beard density by fully covering the cheeks area. Therefore, in December 2017, we performed a second FUE surgery (1232 beard grafts).

The patient was again enthusiastic about the results obtained. In April 2019, he decided to undergo a third FUE procedure - consisting of 2889 scalp and pubis grafts, with the aim of further enhancing his hairline/temple corners, restoring the temple points and perfecting the beard density.

As usual, we will be glad to share the results of this last procedure with the community as soon as we receive any updates from the patient.


1st Surgery - February 2016

2011 grafts

✓ Donor area : Scalp

✓ Recipient areas : Beard and temple corners

Technique: FUE

FUE scoring and extractions executed with my WAW FUE system, now widely used in the sphere of FUE. It consists of a very precise pedal that enables to control the movement of the punch, that I also designed myself. The main advantage is to reduce substantially the number of damaged and transected hair, thus to raise the quality of the procedure. The system is now used worldwide and several dozens of surgeons or centres are already using it.

Grafts Breakdown:
☞ 743 Single FUE grafts
☞ 681 Double FUE grafts
☞ 501 Triple FUE grafts
☞ 86 Quadruple FUE grafts

Total number of Hair: 3952

Average Hair/Graft: 1,96

2nd Surgery (FUE II, Beard) - December 2017

1232 grafts

✓ Donor area : Beard

✓ Recipient area: Beard

Technique: FUE

FUE scoring and extractions executed with my WAW FUE system.

Grafts Breakdown:
☞ 780 Single FUE grafts
☞ 452 Double FUE grafts

Total number of Hair: 1684

Average Hair/Graft: 1.36

3rd Surgery (FUE III, Beard & Hair) - April 2019

2889 grafts

✓ Donor area : Scalp, pubis

✓ Recipient areas : Hairline/temple corners, temple points, beard

Technique: FUE

FUE scoring and extractions executed with my WAW FUE system.

Grafts Breakdown:
☞ 1026 Single FUE grafts
☞ 1272 Double FUE grafts
☞ 461 Triple FUE grafts
☞ 130 Quadruple FUE grafts

Total number of Hair: 5473

Average Hair/Graft: 1.89

Dr. Jean Devroye