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Dr. Jean Devroye, HTS Clinic / 2950 FUE / Hairline & frontal area restoration

Dr Devroye

Dr Devroye

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✓ 37 years old, NW III, losing hair since the age of 24.

✓ No medications.

✓ Underwent two SMP sessions elsewhere in 2017 and 2018.

✓ Medium caliber hair.

✓ Normal follicular units.

Low % of hair in telogen phase.


This gentleman came to my office to find a solution for his receding hairline. He had previously undergone two SMP sessions elsewhere (in 2017 and 2018) but was not satisfied with his look.

We therefore decided to proceed with an FUE surgery in order to rebuild his hairline and temple corners. Considering that the patient wasn’t taking any medications to prevent further hair loss (and wasn’t willing to start to),we decided to increase the number of grafts to reinforce the forelock and the posterior, adjacent area as well. This was done in order to stay ahead of the potential balding of these areas, that may have required the patient to undergo another procedure at some point in the future.

2950 FUE grafts were eventually extracted and implanted. I have used an important number of single follicular units to restore his hairline and temple corners, in order to give a natural but at the same time dense look. 2s, 3s and 4s grafts have been gradually placed behind the hairline to give fullness and coverage.

The patient is very happy with his results; the pictures he sent in one and two years after the procedure actually show a very natural and dense outcome.


✓ 2950 grafts

✓ Technique: FUE

✓ FUE scoring and extractions executed with my WAW system, now widely used in the sphere of FUE. It consists of a very precise pedal that enables to control the movement of the punch, that I also designed myself. The main advantage is to reduce substantially the number of damaged and transected hair, thus to raise the quality of the procedure. The system is now used worldwide and several dozens of surgeons or centres are already using it.

✓ Incisions: 45-50/cm2

✓ Grafts Breakdown:
☞ 527 Single FUE grafts
☞ 1081 Double FUE grafts
☞ 1259 Triple FUE grafts
☞ 83 Quadruple FUE grafts

✓ Total number of Hair: 6798

✓ Average Hair/Graft: 2.30

Dr. Jean Devroye



4 awesome repairs with SMG
You've have dome it again Dr Devroye.....everytime I see one of your results I'm blown away.... but this is up their with the very top results I've seen in a long long time.

Obviously hes not going to shave down now having such amazing hair but I would love to see how it looks shorter with the SMP...my guess would be superb.

Out of curiosity did you think the SMP he had was a good job even though he wasn't keen on the overall look of it?
Dr Devroye

Dr Devroye

Valued member
Thanks for your comment bullitnut.

The SMP he had previously can be categorized as an average work. In my opinion, it lacked particularly the micro-irregularities that can be found in elite SMP sessions, which have the appearance of micro-dots in order to mimic native hair (when cut very short).