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Dr. Jean Devroye, HTS Clinic / 3568 FUT (2695 + 873) / Female hairline restoration

Dr Devroye

Dr Devroye

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50-year-old female patient suffering from "big forehead" syndrome, with a hair loss history in her family.

Taking Minoxidil 5% since the first surgery.

✓ Average caliber hair.

Normal follicular units.


This 50-year-old lady since always suffered from a big forehead and wanted to find a solution to correct her situation.

This kind of scenario presents quite always good indications to undergo a hair transplant procedure. The balding areas usually do not represent a very big surface. Moreover, the donor area is most of the times excellent, which enables to get a good quantity of hair through FUT technique (preferred for women) and thus to reach a very high density on the forehead zone.

In December 2018 we proceeded with an FUT procedure. Following a preliminary estimation, we were aiming to harvest 2500-3000 grafts; in the end, we extracted and implanted 2695 FUT grafts. The evolution has been very positive and, 14 months after the procedure, the situation had already remarkably improved. The linear FUT scar was barely detectable as well.

The patient wished nonetheless to further improve and perfect her results. Thus, in February 2020, we performed a second FUT procedure consisting this time of approximately 800-1000 grafts. The final grafts count states 873 FUT grafts, which were implanted to increase the hair density where needed - for an overall total of 3568 FUT grafts.

Six months after the second procedure, the lady came to my office for a check-up consultation and was ecstatic about the results achieved. Actually, her situation already showed a huge improvement, very dense and natural results. We won't hesitate to update this thread with further photographic material as soon as we will have the chance to meet her again.


1st Surgery - December 2018

✓ 2695

Technique : FUT

Incisions : 40-45/cm2

Grafts Breakdown :
☞ 646 Single FUT grafts
☞ 1506 Double FUT grafts
☞ 537 Triple FUT grafts
☞ 6 Quadruple FUT grafts

Total number of Hair : 5293

Average Hair/Graft : 2.19

2nd Surgery - February 2020

✓ 873

Technique : FUT

✓ Grafts Breakdown :

☞ 230 Single FUT grafts
☞ 518 Double FUT grafts
☞ 124 Triple FUT grafts
☞ 1 Quadruple FUT grafts

Total number of Hair : 1642

Average Hair/Graft : 1.88

Dr. Jean Devroye



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Great work. She has a very natural looking hairline now.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
I agree.....love this!

I imagine the demand for perfection like this is much higher when doing a female transplant.....what I mean by that is with a guy if after having a transplant they dont quite get optimal density in the odd small area then nobody would think anything weird or give it a second thought..... whereas if a female doesnt get exactly the right density and a super natural look from a HT then people could look at them more as women dont tend to loose hair as much as guys.

This is incredible work she must be overjoyed with this result.


Well it is great and very much inspiring for those who have hair loss and baldness..
Dr Devroye

Dr Devroye

Valued member
Thank you all for your kind comments, greatly appreciated.


I like how natural it blends in with the rest of her hair, perfection!