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Dr. Jean Devroye, HTS Clinic / 5786 (3654 + 2132) FUE / 2 sessions

Dr Devroye

Dr Devroye

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36 years old (in 2017),losing hair since the age of 25, with a hair loss history in his family (uncle, father, brother).

No medications.

Thin caliber hair.

Normal follicular units.

High % of hair in telogen phase.


Here we present yet another interesting case of a complete hair restoration by means of FUE technique.

Also in this case, the patient wished to restore all of his balding areas in one single session. However, considering the important surface that needed to be treated, I suggested him to take a two-steps approach in order to ensure the best management of his donor area.

The patient has eventually undergone two FUE surgeries : the 1st session (November 2017),consisting of 3654 FUE grafts, aiming at restoring the patient’s hairline, frontal and midscalp sections; the 2nd session (March 2020),2132 FUE grafts, with the objective of covering the vertex area.

Below are shown the results of the first surgery and the immediate pre and post-operative photos of the second session. As usual, we will share the progress and outcome of this second procedure as soon as new material will be available.


1st Surgery – November 2017

3654 grafts

✓ Donor area : Scalp

✓ Recipient area : Hairline, front and mid-scalp

✓ Technique: FUE

✓ FUE scoring and extractions executed with my WAW system, now widely used in the sphere of FUE. It consists of a very precise pedal that enables to control the movement of the punch, that I also designed myself. The main advantage is to reduce substantially the number of damaged and transected hair, thus to raise the quality of the procedure. The system is now used worldwide and several dozens of surgeons and centres are already using it.

Grafts Breakdown:
☞ 527 Single FUE grafts
☞ 1845 Double FUE grafts
☞ 1225 Triple FUE grafts
☞ 57 Quadruple FUE grafts

✓ Total number of Hair: 8120

✓ Average Hair/Graft: 2.22

2nd Surgery – March 2020

2132 grafts

✓ Donor area : Scalp

✓ Recipient area: Vertex

✓ Technique: FUE

FUE scoring and extractions executed with my WAW system.

Grafts Breakdown:
☞ 257 Single FUE grafts
☞ 1464 Double FUE grafts
☞ 399 Triple FUE grafts
☞ 12 Quadruple FUE grafts

✓ Total number of Hair: 4430

✓ Average Hair/Graft: 2.07

Dr. Jean Devroye



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