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Dr. Jean Devroye



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Jean Devroye is a "Doctor in Medicine and Surgery".
He completed his studies at the University of Liège, in Belgium.
In 1999, with his wife Genevieve, his more loyal support, he decided to move to the United States and dedicate his time to Hair Transplant Surgery.
At present he only performs hair transplants, which have become a real passion for him.

Thanks to Dr Cole (Atlanta, USA),Dr Wolf (Cincinnati, USA),Dr Shapiro (Minneapolis, USA) and Dr Bernstein (New York, USA),who are among the best hair transplant surgeons in the world, Dr Devroye gained a lot of experience in the theoretical and practical field.

Dr Devroye was able to take advantage of several opportunities to learn more about the innovations in the field of hair transplant surgery and benefited extensively from the years of experience of these great surgeons. A few years ago he decided to export the "Follicular Unit Method" to Europe and provide the best solutions and approaches in Hair Transplant Surgery to a European audience.

At present Dr Devroye works in the United States and in Belgium.
He operates only in Brussels but schedules consultations in Brussels, London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.
Dr Devroye regularly attends the conferences organized by the ESHRS as a Board Member (European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). He was Chairman of the Brussels Congress, which took place in June 2005.
Next to this he also attends the congresses organized by the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

Dr Devroye sees Hair Transplant as an art. That is why each procedure is performed in a very precise way. He considers each case to be unique.
The doctor is also interested in new ideas. He likes the idea of being able to expand his knowledge in order to provide his patients with the best possible solutions and work.

Dr Devroye regularly visits some of his colleagues all around the world. He considers it the best way to find out about the latest in the hair transplant field and to enhance his general knowledge. Many thanks to Dr John Cole, Dr Bob Berstein, Dr Ron Shapiro, Dr Paul Rose, Dr Pierre Bedard, Dr Down Stough, Dr Paul Straub for their welcome.

In the course of numerous workshop's , he has had the opportunity to study a variety of techniques from several of his colleagues. He is strongly influenced by what he has read or has seen on those occasions but h e has only incorporated in his own work the innovations which actually enhance the procedure - even if they lengthen the intervention.

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I love this example. Beautiful work. I am a big fan of what I have seen of Dr. Devroye's. I believe that he is one of the more skilled in the profession. Something about Belgium?? Has anyone ever figured out why there is a hotbed of HT talent there? Would be a great place for someone to get several consults and find which surgeon works best for their particular needs.



I've never regret that I've been part of this forum because my Daddy suffering from hair loss I will introduce to him a hair transplant so that he will not be worry anymore about his hair loss..