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Dr Koray Erdogan and Patients, ASMED Clinic - 3500 Grafts



Staff member
Very nice result. His donor still looks good with enough grafts left to give him more hair when he needs it. I like seeing and hearing the patients saying they are happy.
I remember meeting a lot of your patients at the WFI meeting at your clinics, I was very impressed with their results and the enthusiasm Dr Koray has to keep improving and innovating. Well done to all at Asmed.


valued member
He wants more hair! Where will it go? There is no room for more unless he adds to his thin temple points.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Great video...cant believe he wants more hair his result is absolutely incredible. When you were parting his hair at the front showing his density what you have achieved already is amazing so will be interesting to see how you can improve on this. His donor looks good too.....always liked your work a lot, but seeing videos like this of actual patients and hearing how happy they are just confirms how good your clinic really is. As Felixe says the temple point could possible have more but this maybe just how his hair has been cut?

Please please share with us how his next surgery comes along I'm really curious how your going to improve on perfection.

Thanks for sharing on here... I personally appreciate seeing them all... I know it will help many in deciding who they are going to use for their transplants.

Best wishes BN
Dr Koray Erdogan

Dr Koray Erdogan

Premium class FUE
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your comments and following Asmed Clinic's results. during the first procedure, the Temple peaks were not done.
But yes, probably the hair cut was a bit too much.
We will update you with new photos when the time comes.


Suzana Kubinek
Patient Coordinator - ASMED Clinic