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Dr. Lupanzula - 3085 FUE - July 2021



Hi everyone.

My name is Dave, I’m 25 years old from Ireland. I would like to share my recent hair transplant experience with Dr Lupanzula and the entire team at Medikemos Clinic.

I had a 3085 FUE procedure on 1st July 2021.

From day 1 it’s been a great experience. I had some difficulty booking a date for the surgery and had to reschedule multiple times due to Covid 19 and government travel restrictions. However, Scott was great and very accommodating.

I had the Pre-Op consultation the day prior to surgery where I met Dr. Lupanzula and we discussed my hair loss journey, planned the surgery, drew my new hairline and shaved my head.

I arrived early on the day of surgery (6:30am). The surgery lasted 11 hours and was essentially painless apart from the anesthetic injections. Dr. Lupanzula performed all surgical aspects himself (scoring, extracting and the incisions) and the technicians placed the grafts, as well as sorting and refining etc. After the surgery we discussed post op care and I was given the necessary medication for pain and swelling. I went back to my hotel and slept surprisingly comfortably. I travelled home the next day.

Since the surgery I have been very particular about keeping both donor and recipient areas clean and have followed post op instructions carefully. I’ve been spraying saline on the recipient area roughly every 20 minutes and have been shampooing both areas very carefully with special shampoo that was provided by the clinic. I had a bit of facial swelling over the past couple of days but it has since died down.

My overall experience at the clinic and with the team was amazing. The facility is absolutely spotless. The entire team from technicians to admins were all very warm and friendly which was very reassuring considering the language barrier. Dr. Lupanzula himself was extremely polite and thanked me on numerous occasions for choosing him and his clinic.

So far, I am extremely satisfied with my initial results I’m very excited to see how my hair will look in 12 months’ time. I will be posting updates as I progress though my recovery.

Some technical info:

3085 FU’s
1s - 412
2s - 1446
3s - 983
4s - 233
5s - 11

H/G = 2,35

Pre Op:

Immediate post op:

5 days post op:


It´s good of you to post your experience. I like your hairline was not made low especially as you are young. Heal well and look forward to your updates.
Scott Medikemos

Scott Medikemos

Valued member
Thanks for taking the time to complete your thorough write-up and documenting with excellent pictures. It has been a pleasure working with you to date and I'm really excited to see your updates!


Staff member
Hi Dave and welcome to the forum.
Everything sounds like you had an excellent experience before, during and right after surgery. The work looks nice and clean. At 25 with your hair loss pattern I think the design and planning of the recipient area is good. Those 3085 grafts should make a very nice difference to your appearance.
You look to be healing well at day 5 which will be helped by your constant use of the saline spray.
Are you on any hair loss prevention regimen?
I`ll look forward to following your progress.
All the best.