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Dr. Lupanzula, London Consultations, Saturday 8th June

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Scott Medikemos

Scott Medikemos

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We have some last minute availability so if you are in London or nearby London on Saturday 8th June, be sure to contact us at [email protected] to secure a reservation to meet Dr. Lupanzula.

Dr. Emorane Lupanzula will be in London on Saturday, 8th June 2019 conducting personal one on one discussions with anyone seeking information regarding their hair loss and hair restoration options.

Dr. Emorane Lupanzula has built a solid reputation for excellence in the FUE community in part due to his "doctor only" approach to patient care.

Utilizing manual punches, microscopic inspection and refinement and a rare artistic sense, Dr. Lupanzula has the experience and artistic touch to deliver excellence results on a consistent basis.

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