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Dr. Lupanzula - Medikemos 2816 grafts FUE

Scott Medikemos

Scott Medikemos

Valued member
25 YO
Treatment Before: NO
Treatment after: NO
Objectives: HL + first 1/3 frontal + temples
Surgery: FUE
(0,9 mm flared punch Trivellini, motorized Trivellini Nano M)

Density : 90 fu’s / cm2
Grafts number: 2816 fu’s (1day ½)
I: 468
II: 1092
III: 973
IV: 273
V: 10 H/G= 2,38

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Wow - After 6 month he had such a great result already - He must be pleased! Seems like the Doc is switching more and more towards motorized extractions...?


4 awesome repairs with SMG
That's an awesome result Scott....love your videos too....they really highlight how good Dr Lupanzula's work is.
Scott Medikemos

Scott Medikemos

Valued member
Thanks Bullitnut, I'm glad everyone finds them useful.