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Dr. Lupanzula - Medikemos 3191 grafts FUE

Scott Medikemos

Scott Medikemos

FUE: 3191 Ufs
- 41 years old man
- Goals : Frontal hair line + 1/3 frontal area
- Treatment before the surgery : finasteride
- Treatment after the surgery : finasteride
Total Ufs : 3191
I hair : 581
II hairs : 1525
III hairs : 1018
IV hairs : 67

Representative and patient advisor for Medikemos
Website: https://medikemosclinic.com/en/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MHairTransplantation
Phone: +447855544669
Scott Medikemos

Scott Medikemos

Thanks again bullitnut for your kind words.

Everyone has their own criteria as to what contributes to a successful hair transplant, but I think we should all have 'natural' at the top of that list. Although it has a degree of subjectivity ,for the most part it can be broken down and made objective. By asking the right questions there is no reason why we can't be certain whether a clinic can deliver on this, and I welcome any questions regarding Dr. Lupanzula's work and how he achieves such natural results.