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Dr Paul Shapiro, 1 year FU, 6479 Grafts, 14,883 hairs, 2 surgeries

Paul Shapiro MD

Paul Shapiro MD

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Hi everyone, just found my pictures from my second surgery on here and thought I would share my Hair Transplant experience with Dr. Paul Shapiro at Shapiro Medical Group.
I am 62 years old and started to bald in my late 20's. At 62 I still feel like I am in my 30's (and act that way according to some of my friends). I have never been very interested in cosmetic surgery but wanted to look more the way I feel. In all honesty I was very nervous about doing any cosmetic procedure.
Everyone at SMG was great from the consult to the final procedure. Dr. Paul answered all my questions thoroughly, took a lot of time with me, and showed me lost of photos of other patients similar to me. He also gave me names of other SMG patients who I could speak with. I finally took the plunge and had surgery on 8/24/07.
I arrived at 7:30 and was done at 5:30. The staff was very professional, friendly, and personable. I slept most of the morning due to the valium. Then in the afternoon watched some movies and had conversations with the technicians. They are a great bunch with a good sense of humor and very caring. The day was much easier then I thought it would be. The only pain I experienced was when they were injecting the anesthesia and that was not too bad.
Dr. Paul took out a strip that was 25 cm long and 1.4 cm wide. Because I had good donor density (about 100 FU/sq cm) and fine hair he decided to use DFU's (double follicular units). He felt this would give me a better illusion of density in the central region while still looking completely natural. He gave me a table of the hair counts showing the total number of grafts(FU's and DFU's), the total FU equivalent, and the total number of hairs.
He explained to me that since there are two FU's in each DFU he multiplied the DFU x 2 to get the FU equivalent. He also used an average of 5 hairs/DFU to calculate the total number of hairs. Below the table of my hair counts:

Type # Grafts # Hairs
1 Hair Grafts 442 442
2 Hair Grafts 1180 2360
3 Hair Grafts 914 2742
4 Hair Grafts 376 1504
4-6 Hair DFU's 403 2015
Total DFU's +
total Grafts 3315 9063
Total FU equiv 3718 9063

The healing process has been uneventful. I have enclosed some photos me prior to surgery, the day after surgery and 10 days out when I got my sutures removed.
I had no swelling and very little bleeding from the donor site. The scabbing cleared up within 7 days.
I know the hair will shed and I will have a few months to wait for the hair to start to grow in. I guess if I waited until 62 I can wait a few more months.
I will post a photo album with pre-op, 1 day and 10 days post op. I will add to the photo album as my hair starts to grow in.

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One year post op after2 €™d surgery for a 65 year old male.

Total grafts used: 6076 Grafts, with 403 grafts being DFU's (equivalent to 6479 grafts)

Total hair count 14,883 hairs.









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This is crazy. Looks great. Is he the same patient that was in Montreal?? I thought that it was someone with a similar look?? Maybe I am wrong. It happened once before. Thanks for the post.



4 awesome repairs with SMG
looks fantastic, very good coverage and age appropriate, very impressive ¬b`


4 awesome repairs with SMG
hey baxter welcome to the forum.....thankyou so much for posting your experience.

SMG have done a great job for you and your great experience echoes my own;)

You certainly dont look 65 my friend congratulations and warm wishes bullitnut


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Hi Baxter,welcome to the forum.

I`ll re arrange this post and then move it to the patient section where you can update it etc.Your result is superb.

Thanks bm.


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Hi Baxter,i`ve added your post to the first post started by Dr Paul.

I`ll add your pictures to your gallery when i get a moment.

Take care bm.


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Thanks bigmac.

I am very pleased with the results. I get lots of compliments from people asking me why I look so young. Hair has certainly made a psitive difference to my life.


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I met Baxter at the patient viewing in Montreal(ISHRS conference)and his hair is great,very natural looking.I could not see any signs of it being a hair transplant.