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Dr. Paul Shapiro- 2000FUE Session-0-8Months



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FUE Surgery with Dr. Paul Shapiro July 22, 2009

Graft/Hair Breakdown: 2000 Grafts / 3443 Hairs

1 €™s €“ 748

2 €™s €“ 1078

3 €™s €“ 157

4 €™s €“ 17

This patient came in for a follow up visit. We took updated photos with his hair styled normal and with hair dampened.



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wow i love the hairline ¬b`, this is an amazing result imo it looks super natural and the hairstyle suits him and frames his face perfectly.....bravo Dr Paul this is a great result he must be thrilled.

Pictures are great too they really show the hairline up close which just shows how good this result really is.

from the pics he looks to have good donor reserve left for future loss which is cool!!.....and i love the fact that the pics include dampened hair, as we all know too well that wet hair can make hair look thinner and theres no hint of this..

job well done!!!
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