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Dr. Paul Shapiro - Shapiro Medical Group - Minnesota



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I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Paul Shapiro in Montreal and then went on to have some FUE repair work into my existing scars from prior surgeries with a different doctor.

Dr. Paul is no longer seen as a newbie doctor with 6 years under his belt. He,in his own right, is earning a great reputation.With arguably one of the best doctors in the world training and working with him, he had a slight advantage than most doctors. Last year, the ISHRS hand picked Dr. Paul's result out of all the doctors in the ISHRS to feature his patient in their promotional/commercial video. There's no limit to the type of ht session Dr. Paul is able to perform.

When SMG get follow up patients stopping in for pictures, you can't tell which doctor
performed the surgery. Being brothers, there's a slight competition between them and I think it only helps their performance - they keep each other at the top of their game.Dr. Paul Shapiro specializes in hair transplantation and other cosmetic medical procedures. A member of the International Society ofHair Restoration Surgery and a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Shapiro serves as Assistant Medical Director
for Shapiro Medical Group, a world-renowned hair transplant surgery
clinic founded by his brother, Ron Shapiro, MD.

Dr. Shapiro received his undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and Cornell University in Ithaca,New York. He graduated from Tel Aviv Sackler School of Medicine in Israel. After completing his family practice residency at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Shapiro went into private practice. In
2001, he joined his brother €™s practice in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Dr. Shapiro has published numerous articles in the area of hairtransplantation and cosmetic fillers including €œWhy Do Men Go Bald? €



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I guess that I even still haven't given him the credit he deserves as I alsways compare him to Ron and likely they both are doing the same quality of work. All of the examples that I have seen of his work are certainly world class. As stated, likely there is no way to tell which physician has done the work as they have both pushed each other to be better and better. The entire facility is top notch and they deserve a lot of praise.



4 awesome repairs with SMG
yeah, i second that nn, both docs are fantastic. I have yet to see a result that isn't mind blowingly well thought out, carefully planned and executed to perfection from either Ron or Paul, both docs are simply awe inspiring ¬b`