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Dr. Rahal - 1982 Graft - FUT Hair Transplant

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Another impressive hairline procedure, this time FUT. Dr Rahal re-framed the patient's face, adjusted the lateral parts of the hairline and adding density where needed.

Surgery Type: FUT

Recipient Area Treated - 44cm
Total Grafts - 1928
Total Hairs - 3506
Recipient Graft Density - 44 grafts/cm
Recipient Hair Density - 80 hairs/cm

Graft Breakdown:
Single Hairs - 648 grafts
Two Hairs - 995 grafts
Three Hairs - 272 grafts
Four Hairs - 14 grafts
Average Hairs Per Graft - 1.82​



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Simply beautiful!
Dr Rahul really does produce some of the most natural HT hair lines out there.
Thanks for sharing