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Dr. Rahal/2557 grafts/hairline case



Hi guys, Hi Janna,

Some of you might know my story from the pb-forum. I decided to support this new board and tell my experiences of two surgerys once again.

On November 3rd 2008 I had my procedure with Dr. Rahal and his amazing staff in Ottawa. We wanted to get 2000 grafts but ended with 2557 (800x1, 1428x2, 347x3 = 4697 hairs). It wasn €™t easy to estimate how many grafts we could expect, because Dr. Rahal had to remove two 7cm-scars from my first procedure with a german clinic which had stretched more than just a bit. It could have been my fault. I started lifting weights after 3,5 weeks post op in June 2007. Will never do that again!

My main concern while talking to Dr. Rahal prior to the surgery was to get this fu €¦scars out of my donor area and get one new thin scar. Hopefully it will turn out great. As Dr. Rahal said, the mobility of my skin was more than good. He worked very engaged on the scar €“ more than one hour I think. The whole procedure took about 8 hours (8am-4.30pm).

Honestly, at first I was shocked about those 557 extra-grafts €“ all in all there have been 4050 (!) grafts implanted in the zones 1 and 2 during the last 18 months. That €™s quite a lot for a Norwood 2/3. Now I hope that this extreme dense packing does not affect the survival rate of the grafts. We €™ll see. Actually, after three months and ten days, I €™m in upbeat mood. As you can see there €™s a lot of growth. I definitely expect a great survival rate and more than just an illusion. It €™s very easy to style my hair by now. I know, it €™s still a long way to go, but every look into the mirror blows me away at this early stage!

I want to say thank you to Dr. Rahal, his amazing team and Moe, the best taxi-driver of the world. They all made me feel at ease. Dr. Rahal is a warm, gentle, professional, engaged person and a very good Listener. I'm so glad I made the right choice.


HT#1: Had my first procedure in Germany with a clinic called Hattingenhair in May 2007. 1463 grafts into the corners of my hairline (26cm2). Survival rate: 90 %; good overall experience

HT#2: Had my second procedure with Dr. Rahal in November 2008. 2557 grafts to add more density to the area of HT#1 and lower the hairline just a bit, especially on the sides

Meds: Rogaine 5% Foam twice a day; 1,25mg FIN every day, Tricomin Follicular Therapy Spray once a day