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Dr. Rahal , 2721 grafts FUT / 12 Months post-op

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27 year Man wanting to restore hairline and receding temple angles.
He has great donor and hair characteristics. He elected for a strip procedure.
Below are the details and the photos 12 months after.


Surgery type:FUT
Recipient Area size:50 cm
Zones Treated:1-3
Grafts transplanted:2721
Total Hairs transplanted:5356 Hairs
Hairs per Graft:1.97 Hairs/graft
Recipient Graft Density:54.4 grafts/cm
Recipient Hair Density:107.1 hairs/cm

Graft Breakdown:
Single Hairs:580Grafts
Two Hairs: 1656 Grafts
Three Hairs:476 Grafts
Four hairs:9 Grafts

Total Grafts:2721 grafts
Total Hairs: 5356 Hairs




4 awesome repairs with SMG
Doesn't get any better than this. ¬b` Big fan of the hairlines created by Dr Rahal and this is no exception.
Thanks for sharing;)