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Dr. Rahal , FUE & FUT

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Age 50 year old patient , wanted to restore front and top towards the crown.
He is blessed with good hair texture as well as good hair/scalp contrast.
The first surgery was done with strip ( 2013)and the second one (2014) was fue

Surgery #1 type: FUT

Recipient Area treated:100 cm
Zones Treated :1 to 5
Grafts Transplanted :2946 grafts
Recipient Graft Density:30 grafts/cm
Recipient Hair Density: 56 hairs/cm

Graft breakdown

Single Hair:746 grafts
Two Hair:1600 grafts
Three Hair:510 grafts
Four Hair:90 grafts

TOTAL GRAFTS:2946 grafts
TOTAL HAIRS :5566 hairs
HAIRS PER GRAFT:1.9 hairs/graft

Surgery # 2 type:FUE

Recipient Area treated :52 cm
Zones Treated :6-9
Grafts Transplanted :1890 grafts
Recipient Graft Density:36 grafts/cm
Recipient Hair Density:2.3 hairs/cm
Graft breakdown

Single Hair:284 grafts
Two Hair:849 grafts
Three Hair: 693 grafts
Four Hair: 64 graft

TOTAL GRAFTS:1890 grafts
TOTAL HAIRS :4317 hairs
HAIRS PER GRAFT:2.3hairs/graft




4 awesome repairs with SMG
Wow, he looks like he's never lost a hair in his life.
Great work as always