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Dr. Rahal FUE Patient - 1233 Grafts

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Here we have a great example of an FUE patient receiving a relatively small number of grafts with maximum achievement.
Dr Rahal designed a conservative hairline, reconstructing the lateral (temple) areas and adding density without lowering the front. This opens up a much greater range of styling options for the patient.

1233 grafts were used with a density that works out at 47 grafts per cm. The patient's donor area still has many grafts available for the future.

Surgery Type: FUE
Recipient Area Treated: 26cm
Zones Treated: 1 & 2

Graft Breakdown:

Single Hair - 385 grafts
Two Hair - 542 grafts
Three Hair - 276 grafts
Four Hair - 30 grafts
Average Hairs Per Graft - 1.95

Total Grafts - 1233
Total Hairs - 2408
Recipient Density - 47.42 grafts/cm
Recipient Hair Density - 92.6 hairs/cm


Post-op, showing graft placement:

Final Result:



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Beautiful work as always, i love the naturalness and shape of the hairline.....certainly makes a big difference in terms of styling. Job well done! ¬b`
Thanks for posting;)