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Dr Rahal FUE Patient - 2557 Grafts



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This patient came to Dr Rahal at age 50 with the goal of restoring his hairline and frontal region via FUE. He was a 3 on the Norwood scale.

The patient's age, healthy donor and minimum risk of extensive future loss made him a great candidate for a procedure that could be considered on the aggressive side, and Dr Rahal designed a hairline that is perfectly balanced with the patient's facial proportions.

The average density was 46.5 grafts per cm, but the patient has a higher than average number of hairs per graft, giving an overall density of 107 hairs per cm. This, together with a thicker hair caliber and a wavy texture, meant the patient gained great coverage and is thrilled with the result.

Surgery Type: FUE

Recipient Area Treated - 55cm
Total Grafts - 2557
Total Hairs - 5878
Recipient Graft Density - 46.5 grafts/cm
Recipient Hair Density - 107 hairs/cm

Graft Breakdown:
Single Hairs - 457 grafts
Two Hairs - 1039 grafts
Three Hairs - 901 grafts
Four Hairs - 160 grafts
Average Hairs Per Graft - 2.3


One Day Post-op:

Donor, 8 Days Post-op:

Final Result:



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Wow that is incredible, his hairline looks phenomenal and that donor at 8 days post op looks untouched ¬b`