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Dr. Robert Dorin - 2728 Grafts Manual FUE

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True and Dorin Medical Group

True and Dorin Medical Group

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2728 Grafts Manual FUE - Dr. Robert Dorin.



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Great result, he must be much happier now after his first surgery didn't produce as much yield as he'd hoped. Dr D has totally transformed this guys appearance with this FUE surgery and his hair looks great.
Out of curiosity does he have any plans to address the crown in the future as i think this would really be the icing on the cake for this guy?....although tbh he doesn't really need it as his hair looks great as it is and with a sprinkle of concealer in the crown he would have the appearance of a full head of hair.
he may just want to save any remaining donor should he have any for down the line if he ever needs it.
Superb work as always;)