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Dr. Ron Shapiro - 2669G/4708H Result



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This patient came into SMG recently almost unrecognizable 4 years after his procedure. What a transformation 1 session and a bold new hair cut can make! He cut his long hairs off a few months after his procedure and never looked back. We all love the new look.

As you can see by the graft/hair count that he has above average single hairs.

Graft/Hair Count: Total - 2669 Grafts - 4708 Hairs

1's 1005

2's - 1318

3's - 317

4's - 29



4 awesome repairs with SMG
looks awesome...thats one hell of a transformation from his pre op pics and the shorter hairstyle is so much better ¬b`


My member is cooler than NN's
Big change.... and as usual for the better....

Nice work yet again..... this guy looks like a different person....

I had thought about growing my hair extra long before my HT repair and until the new HT had grown.. then have it cut short. I thought then maybe people would think I had just had my hair re-styled rather than surgery...

But all my plans went to pot when I found out I had to have my head shaved pre-op ;ss;



Lol! all the best laid plans eh? agreed though an excellent result as always with the hairline master ¬b`