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Dr Wong/ 5496 / FUT / 7.5 months post-op

H and W Doug

H and W Doug

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As I mentioned some time ago, when I run across a previous post from a few years back with broken links, I will try and re-post the pics. Here is such a case that I'm presenting again.

This patient came to Vancouver from Israel to have a procedure following in the footsteps of his son who had previously undergone a successful procedure with Dr. Wong a few years earlier. Dr. Wong and team transplanted 5496 Grafts in one session via FUT. 1562 were single hair grafts, 3317 were double and 617 were 3-4 hair grafts. The goal was to reconstruct the hairline, frontal zone and mid-scalp working back as far as possible. With a sufficient yield, some crown coverage would be possible and in this case, it was achieved. The result shown is only 7.5 months post-op.

This patient is very happy and a strong advocate for the clinic. If you are in Israel and considering a hair transplant procedure with Hasson and Wong and would like to speak with this patient about his experience, get in touch with me and we'll connect you.

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4 awesome repairs with SMG
Awesome work, Dr Wong never ceases to amaze me at just how much coverage he gets with his surgeries. ¬b`
Not surprised the guy is a strong advocate, considering where he started this is amazing.
Thanks for sharing with us;)