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Dr. Wong/6158 grafts/FUT/6 months post-op/stage 6/impressive transformation so far

H and W Doug

H and W Doug

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Vancouver area patient in his mid 30 €™s with average donor density and coarse hair. Dr. Wong and team placed 6158 grafts via FUT to restore the hairline, frontal zone, mid-scalpand crown.
The 6158 grafts included 2025 single hair grafts, 3253 doubles and 880 3-4 hair grafts. Photos were taken 6 months post-op. He is quite pleased at this stage with more to come. We hope to update at 1 year post-op.

Immediately post-op:

2 weeks post-op:

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4 awesome repairs with SMG
He's quite pleased lol (bet that's the understatement of the year )...I'd be thrilled with that it looks great and is only 6 months so more to come. He had pretty advanced loss pre op and now has good coverage...great work as always.