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Dr Wong/DPA/Fine hair/FUT/4287/grafts/10 months post-op

H and W Doug

H and W Doug

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Vancouver area patient in his mid-50`s with diffused thinning over the entire scalp with no one particular area significantly worse than the other. The pre-op photos may not reveal the extent of the thinning but you can see the difference in the hairline and crown. DPA (diffuse pattern Alopecia) cases especially when combined with fine hair can pose challenges. Preserving existing hair, medication and a relatively larger number of grafts to cover considerable amounts of scalp all play important roles. Dr. Wong and team planted 4287 grafts of which 790 were singles, 2,369 were doubles and 1128 were 3-4 hair grafts. These photos were taken 10 months post-op.

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Great Result natural as ever and design frames his face nicely.