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Dr Wong/FUT/4490 grafts/ front to crown /1-year post-op

H and W Doug

H and W Doug

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Patient in his mid-40’s from Florida. Previous procedure at another clinic back in 2000 of around 700 grafts. Dr. Wong and team rebuild a new hairline and frontal zone working back into the necessary areas of need including the crown. Of the 4490 grafts used, 1506 were single hair grafts, 2347 were doubles and 637 were 3-4 hair grafts. With his hair dyed, these photos were taken 1-year post-op at the time of his second procedure. In the second session, not reflected in these photos, Dr. Wong rebuilt the temples and points and increased density throughout. An additional 3532 grafts were employed and we hope to have updated photos showing the final result sometime later this year.



Without seeing the pictures i wouldn't have believed this was the same man in a million years. Why do people want to go bald when there's options as good as this!


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Fair point Viking dude, problem is most people (your average Joe Public anyway) still aren't aware how good Hair transplants can be these days and they still associate them with plugs and dolls hair when we can clearly see this isn't the case anymore and people can actually get life changing amazing results like this:)
Thanks for sharing Doug;)