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Dutasteride/FIN injection also side effects?



Hello everyone,

I am 33 years old and have had HA since I was 21. When I was in my mid-twenties, I took Fin orally for almost a year and had erectile dysfunction as a result, so I stopped it because lipido is more important to me than hair on my head. I then decided to have HT 2 years ago. Everything went well, but unfortunately the hair loss of the "old hair" is progressing very quickly.
That's why I want to do something about it and I'm thinking about taking minoxidil orally plus mesotherapy dutasteride (1x/month for half a hair then every 3 months -). I am in Mexico and all this is allowed there.
Now my concerns:

1)if dutasteride is injected into the scalp and for it to really work, doesn't it have to be absorbed into the bloodstream anyway? And that would make me susceptible to side effects. The doctor in Mexico says it "only works locally at the hair roots" and therefore it should have hardly any side effects. I'm skeptical about this, the needle is inserted into the skin layer -> does it only stay in the skin layer and not enter the bloodstream?

who knows about them?
There are also natural DHT blockers such as saw palmetto. But again, my understanding is that as long as an agent (whether natural or pharmaceutical) really works, then it is absorbed into the bloodstream and ergo there is also the possibility of side effects as DHT blocking does not go down well with all people/bodies. And then it doesn't matter whether it is saw palmetto or Fin.
In my opinion, the fact that saw palmetto normally has no side effects is only due to the fact that it is not as potent as e.g. Fin or Duatasteride...

2) Oral minoxidil --> there are now also reports that erection problems can occur with minoxidil.
I think it has a stronger effect when taken orally than topically and that is why I am also unsure here

(topical is unfortunately not an option for me -> as it causes dandruff and is not suitable for everyday use)

other treatments they offer:

-AAPE - Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extract: It contains hundreds of growth factors and proteins. Maximizes the revitalizing effects of your skin and hair follicles.

-Exosomes - which are extracellular vesicles involved in cell communication, homeostasis, differentiation, and organogenesis, have been shown to play a central role in hair morphogenesis and regeneration with potential for use as alopecia treatment.

many thanks


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Will injections work? Quite possibly and I have heard alot about it but expensive to keep up.

I think saw palmetto is weak and won't make much of a difference. try topical dutasteride.

Oral minoxidil and done wonders for me. Every drug has sides unfortunately but not heard of erection issues though, where have you read that?


many thanks for your feedback. when google in other forums and or studies you see also some reference that it (minoxdil) can interfere too


@maistro hi, here are some side effect observed using mesotherapy dutasteride : h**ps://www.tandfonline.com/doi/epdf/10.1080/09546634.2023.2245084?needAccess=true





and for efficacy :







I am searching for dutasteride mesortherapy in my crountry and I would like to know if you found some informations since you initial post here ? In particular, do you have an idea about the price and the protocol (how many injections, how many time etc...) ?

Thanks !