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E-observership hair transplant course- Dr. A’s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

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Hello Friends,
It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we have decided to start teaching correct hair transplant to doctor’s desirous of learning.
The preview of the course is attached for reference.


The early bird registration for the course is open.
Registration is on first cum first basis. The tentative dates for the course is 12th, 13th and 14th Feb 2020.
There are 2 programs for the course:-
1. Theory + Hands-on-Training + Observership = INR 1 ,00,000/-
2. Observership with no hands on training = INR 50,000/-

Certificate of participation will be provided to the doctors attending the program.
Please contact Dr. Kalpana 9871700606 and Dr. Ankit 9810178062 for more detailed information and direct bookings for the course as we have only limited seats.

Thanks and Regards,
Dr. A’s clinic
Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

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Hair Transplantation Observership and hands-on training course (feb 2020) conducted successfully

8ae402ab-d389-4f27-843e-fc1650c37a77 copy.jpg

77aded89-5677-48e1-a0ec-21bf47380dab copy.JPG

IMG_4186 copy.JPG

IMG_4187 copy.JPG

IMG_4189 copy.JPG

IMG_4194 copy.jpg

IMG_4217 copy.JPG

Website: www.fusehair.com
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Dr Arvind

Dr Arvind

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Dear readers,
Due to repeated queries in this time of Covid 19, we are glad to offer completely online yet comprehensive training in hair transplant.
It is open to ALL.

This is an oft repeated question... who all can enroll for the course. The answer is anyone with an inclination and an eye for detail.

It includes doctors as well as a prospective patients.

Let me know if you have any queries.
Dr. A