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Esteworld in Istanbul - 3500 grafts with Acell+PRP



Making a new thread based off my decision in the other forum on turky places.

Well I was convinced by this Esteworld representative who visited me in my city. Did the transplant with extra acell+prp injections. $3600 us, 3500 grafts transplanted everywhere, except for the crown which they told me to come back in a year to do for another session together with another Acell+PRP. Took pics now of how it looks today 11th day after finally washing most of the scabs off, both in front and behind lighting.

I'd be willing to experiment with Minoxidil again now that I found out that derma rollers help it, but is there a better option? I don't really like how it colours my pillows, and it would be embarrising when women would run their fingers thru my hair and feel that stuff in it. I do want to try a laser cap for a bit, shopping around. On fin 1mg a day.

I feel like they missed a little tiny block in the very middle front of the hairline, could use there a FU or two oh well, I think I'm mostly happy with the result

What's everyone's thoughts? What could i do next to help regrowth? I'm kinda scared to post pics of the donor area guys, I just want some thoughts on the transplanted area first of all.

Honestly I'm glad I did it now, since it's a perfect time before the borders closed down and I can go into hiding while I'm patient with my hair growing out, nobody seeing me since I'm in self-isolation not going outside although I am a bit scared I might have the corona now but it's worth it