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Eugenix / 5000 grafts with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal, DHT (modified FUE),BHT (Body Hair Transplant),1 year

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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The 50-year-old well-informed Urologist was very particular about a very natural looking hairline and a maintained frontotemporal angle. We planned to do 5000 odd grafts over two days; close to 4000 grafts were taken from the scalp donor and 1000 grafts from the beard donor. As in all the cases where we use beard grafts, we planted the scalp hair in the front 2/3rd of the area and the posterior 1/3rd contained a mixture of the beard and scalp hair. After 1 year, the physicians and the patient 'Doctor' are happy with the outcome.

Hairline: The hairline is kept at an appropriate height, not very up or very low. Single hair grafts were selectively and actively planted on the hairline to make it very natural.

Breakdown of the grafts:

Scalp: 4000 ( Single: 325; the rest were doubles, triples and quadruples)

Beard: 1000