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Eugenix / Corrective Surgery in India after a disaster in Turkey

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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1. His number of grafts with us: 1350

2. Donor quality: Good

3. Hair caliber: Good

4. Donor area: Back scalp donor

We are now waiting for his results to be witnessed after the proposed time.

The first session that was done in Turkey left him with a pluggy hairline with doubles and triples in grafts sprouting aimlessly in haphazard angles. The hairline looked bad and unnatural.
So we gave him a corrective procedure and planted singles on his hairline to give it a softer and a more natural appearance.



turkish clinic are the worse clinics ever in the netherlands we have them too, the doctor never performance the opertion, you need to be lucky to find a correct clinic. Most are bad now these days. the boy in the picture looks very good looks like a bollywood star
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