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Example hair boost therapy - Prohairclinic Belgium



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Hereby we present another case of Hair boost therapy.

This patient came to us last year asking for hair transplantation in the frontal and the crown area.

We suggested postponing hair transplantation and startup our hair boost therapy instead.
The goal was to see if we can achieve a good improvement in the crown area and therefore reducing the number of grafts needed for his transplantation.

When he returned about 6 months later he noticed a very nice improvement in the overall hair health and density.
The most noticeable effect is to be seen in the crown, and the patient decided not to proceed with a hair transplant in that area (thus saving a lot of money).

We achieved hair stabilization and overall improvement of the hair quality using our hair boost therapy.

He is proceeding with a hair transplant in the frontal area to lower his receding hairline.
Haarboost voor en na 6 maanden prohairclinic dr anthone.jpg
hair boost top view prohairclinic logo.jpg
kruin haarboost voor en na 6 maanden prohairclinic.jpg


Staff member
Hi Bart. Could you tell us more information about hair boost therapy?


Better natural pictures would help to compare better.


Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
I understand your remark, however, we do everything we can as no photographic professionals to produce good pictures.
So, as you can see in the picture below we place a non-glare LED facing frontal and the top lighting is right above the patient's head, also bright LED non-focussed light.

We try our very best, but it is extremely hard to take pictures of hair under 100% the same conditions.




Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Hi Bigmac,

Our hair boost treatment is a combination of basically 4-5 known hair stimulating treatments/ingredients.

As many of you know, hair loss is not the cause of just 1 single issue. So, we find it logical to combine treatments to counter hair loss.

Most common problems that are related to hair loss:
Blood flow-circulation
Vascular issues

We combine PRP and PRF as in house treatments. Also, low laser LED is applied to further stimulate the local treatment after applying PRP.
Furthermore, we provide LIQUID lotion to patients for daily usage. This contains finasteride and minoxidil. Since it is applied topically and not orally we see the effects on the hair, but yet have to encounter negative side reports from our clients. This is in fact in sync with the findings of dr. Chiara. She has loads of experience with topical lotions and has given multiple presentations about this subject during 2019 hair conferences.


Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
This is a before and after 6 months pictures of the same patients' mother.
They both have completed all PRP and PRF treatments and both are using the provided Lotion.

She had quite thin and fine hair, which looked quite 'dull' before.
Now she tells us her hair is much shinier and healthy-looking. She is also able to style it easier.

Please note no hair products were used in either before no after picture, nor have we manipulated the pictures in any other way to enhance the outcome.

Schermafdruk 2020-02-13 09.27.56.png