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Female hair transplant - Perfect density after one step

Dr Devroye

Dr Devroye

Valued member
This patient is 43 years old. She began to lose her hair, Five years ago.

Since then, the situation stabilized. The biopsy did not show anything especial. Finally, the diagnostic was an Alopecia Areata, but without absolute certainty.

The patient agreed to make a test : consisting in two procedures of 20 grafts FUE.

The grafted hair grew normally without any loss. Also, in agreement with the patient, the surgery was performed this way : 230 grafts on the right side and 242 grafts on the left one. It was a mix between FUT1 and FUT2.

The regrowth was perfect. On the second picture, it is interesting to compare the situation 0+ and the one at 1 year : it clearly shows that there is no big difference between both.

Of course, there is a small risk of recurrence and the patient knew it. Nevertheless, she decided to go ahead.



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Really nice result, i love to see these types of results and i like how a test was performed first. I truly hope for the patient she now gets peace from her alopecia.

Great post thanks for showing us.


Yes, That's really a great result you get after the surgery. I saw all of your shared pics of surgery. It's really outstanding results you get after one years of surgery.Great work, Well done!