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Female Hair Transplantation at Eugenix

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Here are some of the reasons women undergo hair restoration.

1. Naturally high hairline: Sometimes women do not fancy their naturally high hairlines. They turn to hair transplantation for lowering their hairlines.
2. Androgenetic Alopecia: Women can experience baldness with the increase in sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone. This can happen due to a hormonal imbalance in young women and after menopause in women who are in their late middle ages.
3. Traction Alopecia: Constant pull/tension in the hair due to tying them tight can cause permanent loss of hair.
4. LPP (Lichen Plano Pilaris) and other scarring alopecias: In these conditions, the body's own immune system can eat up the hair causing hair loss.
5. Cosmetic surgeries: Surgeries like an eyebrow lift among many others can cause the hairline to get elevated.
The distance of the hairline from the glabella is also different in males and females. When it is 8 to 9 cms for the males, for the females it is only 5 to 6 cms. In females, the hairline has many micro and macro irregularities. Additional elements in the female hairline: Widow's peak, lateral mounds, cowlick, the shape of fronto-temporal recession, size of temporal peak, the width of sideburns and the distance from the tragus are determined to the last dot for precision and perfection. This is what helps to balance the different proportions.



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Love this....really impressed by what I've seen from Eugenix guys!


Yes the video can really encrouge the women to go for hair transplant surgery ..