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Finasteride Side Effects: Experience of Eugenix team with Hair Transplantation

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Many people are afraid of using Finasteride due to the fear of permanent loss of libido or impotence. We have compiled many scientific papers which are published in very reputed journals and tried to give a summary of these papers. Also at the end we have highlighted about our practice of Finasteride in male pattern baldness.
Anything which is written on web comes on search in google. Many things are not true. They are anecdotal incidences.

What does the scientific data say?

The scientific research and data are published in PUBMED, the online library for medical science. This is the most authentic place to know anything in medicine. There are many studies which suggest that Finasteride is nearly safe to use. Baring few studies most of the studies are positive. Also, we don’t have any medicine other than Finasteride and Minoxidil which are effective in preventing baldness and are FDA approved.

How effective is Finasteride?

Finasteride is capable of preventing the miniaturisation of the balding hair and reversal of thickness of the hair. So keeping the balance of EFFECTS and potential SIDE EFFECTS, we suggest to try Finasteride in every baldness case. In our experience, most of the people do well and whenever there is any ambiguity or doubts in the minds of the patients, we ask them to stop it. When re-introduced, the same side effects does not recur!

What is the Nocebo effect?

There is a phenomenon called NOCEBO; here those group of people develop the side effects who are informed about the side effects. So, we suggest that the medicine has to be taken with the consultation with the doctor rather than having the fear and phobia. The treating doctor with the vast experience over years should be able to titrate the dosage of needed with the ultimate goal of preventing the baldness.



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It`s always good to hear doctors' opinions on the use of Finasteride and the possible side effects. This video will help people better understand it and make their own educated decision.
Thanks for taking the time to make this video and for sharing it here.


Thank you Eugenix. You keep providing with good content. Highly appreciated!