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First post-covid lockdown FUE hair transplant in 2020 with Hattingen Hair in Switzerland



After toying with the idea of getting a hair transplant for almost two years, I decided to go forward with it and started researching doctors about halfway through 2019. From my initial search, it was immediately apparent to me that there is a high variance in terms of quality of services provided and that, as a rule of thumb, you mainly get what you pay for. My main criteria was to get the transplant done by a world-class practitioner and I was less price-sensitive in this regard. Again, as with most things in life, you more or less get what you pay for.

To avoid falling victim to a facade of expensive online advertising and SEO, as well as fancy clinics with high price tags but poor offerings, I decided to use an unbiased proxy to identify the top doctors in this field. The (IAHRS) was one source, it is a consumer organization. Other sources included online forums such as HLE which offer unbiased advice.

I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr Muresanu's Hattingen Hair clinic as I resonated with the artistic vision, approach, and results showcased on his website. Dr Muresanu is a person that inspires trust and his professionalism was immediately apparent. He carefully listened to all my concerns and objectives while also being fully transparent about the pros and cons of the procedure. The fact that he was no trying to sell me on the procedure was actually what ended up, ironically, selling me the most. He presented a range of alternative options and did a healthy dose of expectations management, all very good signs that point to the dedication to his craft and the refusal to let financial incentives compromise the quality of the work he performs. My decision was made and we booked the operation during the next immediately available timeslot (about half a year lead-time and ended up being the first post-covid lockdown transplant).

The FUE transplant (~3200 follicular units) was spread out over three days, with a checkup on the fourth morning to monitor the healing progress. I stayed for three nights at a nearby hotel, the days are long and exhausting so make sure to completely clear your schedule. The first day started off late in the afternoon by shaving the head, taking the before pictures, and drawing the hairline and identifying the optimal donation areas of the scalp. Following some local anesthesia, Dr Muresanu started extracting some follicular units and tested their thickness. When everything was done, he wrapped some wet bandages around the head and gave me a water spray bottle to keep them moist every few hours.

The second and third day started early in the morning and were by far the longest. Every few hours we would alternate between extracting hair follicles and implanting them, with the second day more focused on extracting and the third day on implanting. By the end of the third day, all extracted follicles had been implanted. Overall the transplant was a smooth experience, with slight discomfort when the local anesthesia runs out and another injection under the scalp is required. I did not bring any books to read nor movies to watch as I am comfortable focusing and being in the present. I would assume that people with short attention spans might get bored more easily. The fourth day only consisted of a checkup late in the morning to ensure all the transplants were accepted and the scalp was healing properly and without any infection.
As far as results are concerned, the photos speak for themselves (before, one week after, nine months after). My personal advice would be to look for a doctor that has a superior sense of aesthetics and an impeccable work ethic. Each patient has their own circumstances, needs, and challenges. It is primordial that the person doing the transplant understands this and works with your unique resources and constraints to achieve the best natural look.



Staff member
Hi HSB. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story.
Everything sounds like the whole experience at the clinic went very well which is good to hear.
Your donor looks great after having 3200 grafts extracted. Your hair is looking good at 9 months. A total change to your appearance with the new hairline.
How old are you? Are you on any hair loss prevention regime?
All the best.


Valued member
I reckon no one would be able to spot you’ve had a hair transplant or had any hairloss.