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Flaky skin



Hello, does anyone else get flaky skin after the smp session? Does it meanthat you are more likely to have fading? How many sessions does it typically take to achieve a finish look, espeically if you have flaky dry skin? I have just had my third session, where the practioner decided to go a level deeper than usual because of the fading from the first two sessions which he said was due to my type of skin. I'm not flaking as much as I did after the first two sessions but still flaking a bit. Is it possible do you think to keep going back regularly for top up sessions, say four times a year? Just thought I'd ask to get some perspective, although I'm pretty hopeful that my smp will take well. I'm sure it will! But I just thought I'd ask anyway about how often can you keep going back.

Great forum, and good luck to al the smp heads :)


Staff member
The flaking is usually the scab that forms from the abrasion and the superficial damage to the skin. Keeping the scalp clean and using a moisturiser should help. Did they provide you with an aftercare kit?
It should not cause enough fading to affect the result. When scabs come off they will have small deposits of ink but again, this should not affect the end result.


I read somewhere that coconut oil is meant to help between sessions to eliminate the flakyness