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Former X Factor contestant Liam Halewood has a system fitted in Huddersfield



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Just read an article in the Liverpool Echo about the former x factor contestant wanting a solution to his hair loss. Apparently he underwent a hair transplant::}{: really shows how clueless the press can be when it's obvious it's a system.
Glad he's feeling more confident though and it's brought him some resolution to his hair worries.
Me though i'd have opted for the HT, but each to their own.
Pete from Farjo

Pete from Farjo

Valued member
You're right bullitnut, the media are so ill-informed sometimes when it comes to hair restoration. The caption on the pic says 'before his transplant' while clearly showing the woman about to stick the wig on his head!
As you say though, each to their own, and hopefully this will help him move on with his life.