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FUE – 3070 Grafts – 0 to 9 Months – HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus



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This is a 38-year-old patient in NW3 scale. He wanted to replace his balding area with good density, to match his terminal hair.

HDC Hair Clinic transplanted 3070 grafts with FUE Technique to the desired density.

You can see the evolution of his hair Transplantation from before to 9 months after the surgery. See also, his growth development every month.

In an effort to give more value to patients, HDC Hair Clinic has developed two new videos as follows:

One, How to choose the correct hair clinic through a Testimonial


And the other, how should I look a few days after my Hair Transplant?



Immediately after

1 Month after

2 Months after

3 Months After

4 Months After

6 Months After

8 Months After

9 Months After