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FUE - 1,150 Grafts - Dr Edward Ball (Maitland Clinic)



I had my FUE procedure with Dr Ball 2 days ago and thought I would share my experience.

I first noticed early signs of hair loss in my temple areas during my mid- to late-twenties, and started using minoxidil and finasteride as a result. This seemed to stem the tide and I noticed some partial regrowth, however, they didn't get me completely back to where I had been a few years ago. Subsequently, I explored the possibility of a hair transplant.

I met with Dr Ball and David Anderson after some online research. What attracted me to the Maitland Clinic was Dr Ball's internationally recognised accreditations, the quality of their transformations, and the tone of their website. They aim at offering a more conservative approach with a view to long-term satisfaction.
After discussing my family history of hair loss, Dr Ball made it clear there is every chance I could need at least 1 more HT after this one, and so it would be advisable to go for a subtle improvement to my hair line this time - leaving plenty of potential future donor grafts remaining.

After deciding to go ahead, I had my procedure this Wednesday (10th February). I was understandably apprehensive, but the entire team made me feel so at ease the entire day. In particular, the pre-op assessment with Dr Ball was very reassuring where we spent a good hour discussing and designing my hair line.
The only discomfort I experienced was the anaesthetic injections but they were over very quickly. I was also given a couple of diazepam to help me relax during the day. I really appreciated being told what was happening the whole time, what I would feel (if anything), and what the team in the background would be doing. The whole team were very empathetic, sociable, and down to earth.

I'm only a couple of days into recovery but overall I would say things have gone very well. I did have some painful swelling in the forehead region straight after my op but this only lasted a few hours. My face though has now swelled up like a balloon with 1 black eye! The sleep protocol isn't fun, but if it leads to the best results then of course it's worth it.

Overall I am extremely happy that I decided to get my treatment done with Dr Ball, they were honestly faultless in my eyes. If I do end up having to have a top-up in a few years time, I certainly won't be looking to get it done anywhere else. My only slight complaint would be that the clinic does get booked up months in advance (presumably for good reason) so you may have to wait a few months for a procedure date after deciding to go for it!
(Pics were taken approx. 20hrs post-op).


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Staff member
Welcome to the forum Chris and thanks for documentation great your story. Everything sounds like you had a very good experience at the clinic. The placement looks nice and refined. I see you had a little oozing in the donor which is nothing unusual. The swelling should subside fairly quickly, it’s an unfortunate after surgery experience for some but nothing to worry about.
I like the approach you and Dr Ball agreed on. The 1150 grafts will make a good change to your hairline appearance and preserve your donor for the future if needed.
With some luck, the meds will prevent your hair loss progressing any further and cancelling out more surgery.
I’m looking forward to following your progress.
All the best.


Thanks Bm, much appreciated. I do think this site is a great resource for those interested in hair loss treatment.

I've received a few images from the clinic now that were taken both before and immediately after the procedure.
I'll be sure to upload more in the coming months as things progress.



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4 awesome repairs with SMG
That's going to look awesome for sure....love the hairline shape. You look to have a pretty decent head of hair so should look great when this grows in.

With the Finasteride, Minoxidil helping you maintain I think your going to be extremely happy with your hair soon dude.

Thanks for sharing you chose a top clinic/doctor


Staff member
Thanks for the additional pictures. I see your hairline had receded more on the left side which happens quite often. Once grown I think your hairline will look very natural and blend in well with your existing hair.
I’m pleased the forum has helped you.
Thanks Bm.


Update at 7 days post-op....

I've taken some images from yesterday and today to show how things are progressing after 1 week. I used to complain about how quickly my hair grows but on this occasion it's been quite useful!

The recovery period has been mostly fine barring some pain in the donor area, although this has subsided now. It does take over your life somewhat with all the aftercare it requires, but this is for the long-term benefit of the grafts and is a small price to pay. The clinic provided a very comprehensive aftercare sheet and YouTube video explaining what you need to do and what you're likely to experience. As such I haven't needed to contact them, but they have checked up on me a few times just to check everything is ok.

I've personally been quite open with my procedure but can appreciate this is an individual thing and some prefer to keep things much more private. I think after 7-10 days you'd be hard pressed to tell if anyone has had the treatment (unless you're in the business perhaps) so you would be safe to return to work then without raising suspicions.



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Staff member
You are healing really quickly which is helping you to look normal again. Some people their scabs and Rene's take longer to heal but not you.
Your donor area looks good, it doesn't look as though you've had any shock loss. This and your hair growing quick has helped you. Thanks for the update.
The Maitland Clinic

The Maitland Clinic

The Maitland Clinic
Hi Chris,

Many thanks for posting your experiences. Recovery is looking great for 7 days. We look forward to seeing your results in person in the future too.